The Call

I’ve known his voice since I was born,

It speaks the name Love then bestowed,

whose sound awakes the longing heart

with the wonder of the Eternal Word.

A shepherd’s care and watchful eye

have led my feet through all my years

where Spirit danced, her wonders sown

revealing joy in midst of fears.

A home in cloistered sanctuary

and place of enclosed soul retreat

as wisdom’s prayer its healing brought,

 and courage gave to cautious feet.

For everything there is a time

and now that love secure is known

and scholars pen has found its mark

Christ’s invitation I now may own.

Now is the time, here is the place,

Where call, at last, may answered be.

To grow the Kingdom of his love,

and in each face, his image see.

Written for the licensing of Dee O’Reilly,

October 2016 CMD


Freedom of the sea

Turn, so breeze may fill her silken sail,

pulling her through wave like wooden plough

towards the distant hazy blue horizon 

where seamlessly heaven and earth collide.

She moves as smooth as sharpened skate on ice,

effortless her progression to the eye

til’ sight is forced to strain to see her glide

to that place where billowed sail and cloud combine.

Her journey lifts my spirit as I stare

offering a glimpse of hearts desire,

of freedom with no limit, cost or fear

but shackled, I can only stand to watch.

Autumn’s kiss

Autumn light through woven spider’s web

and the chill of melancholy pale blue sky  

as summer, now, has gathered up her blessings

bestowing them for now on others shores.

The swallows, swooping low on furrowed field

where crops surrendered grain to sower’s hand,

and hedgerows ladened bright with dew kissed fruit

that ease the bite of winter’s cruel command.

Hear distant church her harvest hymns rehearse,

as once again the barns are closed secure

and deep beneath the soil the perished seed

prepares for resurrection life once more.

Love’s sacrifice 

Speak loud, of truth as deep as love,

where justice needs no penalty

and mercy with compassion crowned

reveals divine intensity.

Yet sullied soon in shout of greed,

where ego rules with golden rod,

and not one voice raised in dissent

as despot takes the seat of God.

But turn aside, is not love’s way

though journey’s hope is sacrifice

and wounds received in rescues cause

are born that love may claim her prize.

Creation’s song

The sound of salted shingle washed,

In tidal breath as old as time

which recognised by slowing heart 

beats the rhythms of creators love.

As on the air that stirs the waves

the gulls take chance to climb and dive

their cries in joy filled concert sound,

which echo now, deep in the soul.

Here now in wonder, lost, I stroll,

where words no more demand their place

for primal voice in constant song

touches that place which speak of life.

The whisper of Love

The whisper of love speaks of eternity. 

It blows wherever it will,

never knowing which voice, carrying its word,

will wake the embers of the heart,

thought long ago extinguished

now, in the heat of love’s fire, all life is changed.

Today, in this place, love will find its voice,

In vows that speak the depth of love,

In poetry sublime, capturing intention

that two hearts dare to hope.

To love and to cherish,

Until time is no more.

So, let the organ sound its fanfare

and the bells ring out their melody,

as choristers in harmony raise the joyful song,

Let bride come from her chamber,

As bridegroom stands in readiness

and let everyone present, join in loud Amen.

CMD Sept 16 For Joanne and Michael 




We shed a tear for Britain’s fallen sons
who stirred from fear by bugle’s trusted call
advanced for victory yet fell like stone
In the unimagined horror of the Somme.

Where boys in uniforms with room to grow
lay slaughtered, crimson stains on khaki shrouds
Strewn in all directions, as far as eye can see,
thousand upon thousand scaring foreign ground.

For Tommy, no return to sweetheart’s breast,
or longed for letter sealed by scented hand.
His eyes, drawn closed in sacrament of comrades gentle touch
betrayed by someone distant floored command.