Inhale, where the air feels freshly salted

and the sandpipers dance above the wind sculpted dunes,

where the clarity of unpolluted vistas

Stretch in distant mystical unfolding,

revealing a startling image of eternity.

See the smile of pink tinged light

breaking through the ominous dark skies

proclaiming once again the promise of the day.

Delight once more in that deep silence

Undisturbed by the breaking of waves or whispering of breeze

Which seem composed for only you to hear,

and In this place of blessing, allow yourself to breathe.


Free to sing

The place where heaven melds with sea

and bleeds her azure hues into its deeps

where drifting clouds of white and grey

Are mirrored on the crest of crashing waves,

This is the place where the still small voice

Whose words of love so often drowned

Is recognised by weary heart

and finds its resurrection

In the song of unfettered joy.

Mind invasion

Pitch your tent inside my brain,

though you have no invitation,

intimidate with honeyed words,

precision aimed retaliation.

Don the robes of victimhood,

Snatched from the backs of others

Worn constantly for all may see

As in their folds, the truth is smothered.

And every time I think you’ve gone,

For I worked for your eviction,

More frenzied words from poison pen

That rage again for my conviction.

Until my energy is spent

My cognition all too slow

To realise the upper hand

To simply turn my back and go.

Can someone turn the silence down

Can someone turn the silence down

The absence is too deafening

It shrieks responsibility

When I should be remembering.

The vacuum pricks my consciousness

With pain my mind has simply muted

Content to lay the wreaths of red

As others’ sacrifice saluted.

Can someone tell the bugler

To purse his lips, and with deep breath

Sound the notes to rend the air

So I can focus on the death;

Of those who in another time,

Risked Flanders fields for liberty.

Enduring that, which so few told,

Mown down in such barbarity.

The space between the trumpet calls

Refuses to provide distraction

Where I can hide in ignorance

To justify my own inaction

Dear God……..please God

Can someone turn the silence down?

Life cycle

Autumn moves in swiftly in its yearly grand procession,

striping bare the trees festooned with leaves of dying brown.

Speaking to creation, calling her once more to dream in sleep

to protect her unborn children before Winter takes his throne.

The sea puts on her mantle forged in hues of green and gray

and the breeze now chills the sand that basked in balmy summer haze,

storm clouds dress the heavens as the gulls screech out their cry

as evening makes her presence felt with the shortening of days.

Fallen fruit from tree and hedgerow lies rotting on the ground

and furrowed field show ploughman’s practiced skill,

Proclaiming planted seed lies buried deep within the earth

where resurrection waits, love’s purpose to fulfil.

Dancing in Senility

Her thoughts bleed from her consciousness like water through a sieve
and suddenly in her twilight she can at last begin,
the journey of discovery we long are taught to fear
in vast caverns full of emptiness where now she wonders free.
Transfixed by the beauty that ordered memories long obscured
she dances in the space where finally time has lost control,
her visits now so frequent, going back is hard to bear,
this place, where lost, she finds herself, released from others care.
She hears the distant voices of those who long for her returning
and though at times she answers them, within she knows the yearning,
to dance once more where steps are not dictated by expectation,
which so easily imprison, though held with the best loving intention,
by those whose need, so urgent, for her to be just as she was,
They imagine that this journey can be nothing more than loss,
when perhaps sometimes the loving thing would be to allow her just to roam
this land of strangeness, so well known, where now she has found home.


Mimi’s Song

Flying free, on air’s uplifting rush,

the joy of gliding high through sapphire sky,

animated now, who last lay watching,

as distant eyes beheld her hearts desire.

At last, with singing heart she takes his hand

In deeper life, death can no more divide,

Their majestic flight, beauty glimpsed in unity,

together now, forever flying free.

CMD 6/4/17