Dancing in Senility

Her thoughts bleed from her consciousness like water through a sieve
and suddenly in her twilight she can at last begin,
the journey of discovery we long are taught to fear
in vast caverns full of emptiness where now she wonders free.
Transfixed by the beauty that ordered memories long obscured
she dances in the space where finally time has lost control,
her visits now so frequent, going back is hard to bear,
this place, where lost, she finds herself, released from others care.
She hears the distant voices of those who long for her returning
and though at times she answers them, within she knows the yearning,
to dance once more where steps are not dictated by expectation,
which so easily imprison, though held with the best loving intention,
by those whose need, so urgent, for her to be just as she was,
They imagine that this journey can be nothing more than loss,
when perhaps sometimes the loving thing would be to allow her just to roam
this land of strangeness, so well known, where now she has found home.



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