Your mother’s voice is unlike any other voice you hear.

from infancy it has the power to banish every fear.

Her loving arms, assured you she would always keep you safe

Her presence in your universe allowed you find your place.

To see yourself reflected in her eyes so filled with pride

gave courage to your spirit, she was always on your side.

She spoke the truth even when it was hard to say the words

She sacrificed in hope that she could shield you from life’s hurts.

She always had such faith in you, even when you failed,

She always spoke the best of you when the critic’s voice prevailed.

Her love, a given constant in this ever changing life,

Still the one to run to when our world seemed full of strife.

It still does not seem possible that you’re no longer here

To guide, encourage, comfort or dry an adults tear.

In those last few hours mum, when your light began to fade

We whispered words of love, and told you not to be afraid

We held you then, as you had us as babies years ago

So we’d be sure our love for you was something you would know.

Now you walk in memory, though your likeness we both wear.

The mirror a reminder of the one whose love and care

laid the sure foundations of the men we have become

through your love so freely given,, our extraordinary mum. x


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