Everything is everyday

on the road that you are travelling

when suddenly the fear sets in

as the edges start unravelling.

All at once you’re haunted

by the spectre of anxiety,

encroaching on perspective

as it manipulates reality.

In panic you start flailing for

the anchors of security,

hoping to recall the things

that formed your personality.

Walking in the places

which before have offered sanctuary

to find the landscape empty

now devoid of that ability.

So I simply keep on walking

In this place I often used to be

hopeful that at some point

I will somehow bump right into me.



The haunting strains that pierce within

Where reality opens and now I’m falling

Towards that place which reeks of death

Where terror stifles panicked breath.

The layers of carefully placed vernier

Overlaid too long the fear

that below the surface, beyond the clowning

the truth may be I’m simply drowning.

as tide rips in and steals my footing

The deafening sounds as waves come crashing

Til I stand with nothing, afraid to see

The empty space that once was me

So faded now I see right through

The strangers face that once I knew

His voice a whisper, no longer clear

as before my eyes, I disappear


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when I am gone


When my last breathe has slipped away,
Don’t plant me where no sun can ever touch my soul,
Amidst the marble tablets engraved with golden font,
as if a name, or dates, or epitaph can capture life,
anymore than a snapshot reveals more than a single moment.
Granite’s strength may speak to some of honour
But for others it simply entombs with expectation.
Creating a place where the guilt ridden forget to visit
or the lost and lonely find they cannot bear to leave.
No, cast me high into the wind when the sun is warm
And the clouds have abandoned the heavens for a time,
Or scatter me on the waves, alive in constant ebb and flow
Ready to carry me away to where the tide becomes horizon.
I need no place to mark that I have journeyed here
for the journey is itself the mark of man.
Waste not the words of honey coated tributes!
Enough to say, as wind or waves animate,
“and so goodbye, to one who sought to journey well,

When sleep eludes, though tired eyes are heavy

and the silent hours of darkness are once more

the place unruly thoughts refuse all pleas to rest

and like unruly children run amok.

When the ticking of the clock becomes the mocking

of the conscious mind refusing to give way

to Morphious, whose gift once more rejected

where the taunt of doubt and failure now hold sway.

Come Thou, whose feet walked once upon the waters

and silenced with a word the tempests rage.

still now, I pray, the storm of inner chaos

and let your light bring blessing to this day.


Inhale, where the air feels freshly salted

and the sandpipers dance above the wind sculpted dunes,

where the clarity of unpolluted vistas

Stretch in distant mystical unfolding,

revealing a startling image of eternity.

See the smile of pink tinged light

breaking through the ominous dark skies

proclaiming once again the promise of the day.

Delight once more in that deep silence

Undisturbed by the breaking of waves or whispering of breeze

Which seem composed for only you to hear,

and In this place of blessing, allow yourself to breathe.

Free to sing

The place where heaven melds with sea

and bleeds her azure hues into its deeps

where drifting clouds of white and grey

Are mirrored on the crest of crashing waves,

This is the place where the still small voice

Whose words of love so often drowned

Is recognised by weary heart

and finds its resurrection

In the song of unfettered joy.

Mind invasion

Pitch your tent inside my brain,

though you have no invitation,

intimidate with honeyed words,

precision aimed retaliation.

Don the robes of victimhood,

Snatched from the backs of others

Worn constantly for all may see

As in their folds, the truth is smothered.

And every time I think you’ve gone,

For I worked for your eviction,

More frenzied words from poison pen

That rage again for my conviction.

Until my energy is spent

My cognition all too slow

To realise the upper hand

To simply turn my back and go.